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NIEUW !!!  IN NEDERLAND -- UV-C luchtreiniging en luchtdesinfectie (Philips) led paneel. Anti-Covid 19 UV-C lucht desinfectie led paneel. KIJK NU BIJ LED PANELEN !!  


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Good Light Group


The Good Light Group is a non-profit organisation that promotes “good light”. Good light is natural daylight or electric light with beneficial effects on body and brain. See: https://www.goodlightgroup.org

Experienced executive with strong track record in innovation and business development over 40 years in the Lighting Industry. Skilled in Strategy, Innovation, R&D, Marketing, Business Management, Product Management, Sustainability, Government and Industry Relations. Expert in good light, “VitaminL”, human-centric lighting, biological and emotional effects of lighting.

Leading innovation and marketing roles at Philips Lighting during the industry transition to LED and Intelligent Lighting Systems.

Founded several international consortia, like the non-profit organization Good Light Group, the Global Lighting Association, Zhaga, the Connected Lighting Alliance. President LightingEurope 2013-2017; President Global Lighting Association 2007 – 2017. Honorary ambassador for the Global Lighting Association since 2018.

Specialities: innovation, transformation, strategy, growth and entrepreneurship. Net-worker, partnerships, stakeholder management. Strong people motivator and team builder of international alliances, based on transparency and creating trust. Focused on making things happen